Introducing ConnecTable: A Commercial Seating Solution for Large Groups

Seating 1Anyone who works in the service industry knows the challenge of accommodating large groups all too well. Amidst a Saturday night dinner rush, a random party of 15 walks in and you start playing Tetris with tables to seat a large, albeit great-for-business, group.

With the all-new ConnecTable table extender, your restaurant, resort, event center or other dining facility can easily increase seating capacity to efficiently accommodate large groups. Made from American Douglas Metals’ (ADM) aluminum, ConnecTable provides a sturdy, yet lightweight solution to both streamline group setup and provide much-needed seating space.

Benefits of ConnecTable Include:

  • Cost-Effective Table Insert that Extends the Original Length of the Table(s)
  • Easy to Use and Quick to Assemble
  • Increases Seating Capacity by 2-6 Seats, Depending on Size
  • Space-Saving, Stackable Design that Eliminates Need to Store Extra Tables
  • Long-Lasting Sturdy Material that’s Rust-Proof and Resists Bowing
  • Thin, Lightweight Design that Can be Assembled by a Single Employee

Without ConnecTable

Combining multiple tables to seat large groups during a busy time can be a daunting task. It requires several employees to move heavy tables around and uses excessive time. Taking several tables to seat one party consequently increases wait times, cuts down on available seating and results in a poor experience for many of your guests.

With ConnecTable

 ConnecTable, however, serves as a space-saving alternative to combining multiple tables to seat large groups of guests. After simple and quick assembly onto your existing tables, your guests will be seated comfortably without compromising additional tables that could be used for smaller parties. Plus, ConnecTable’s user-friendly and lightweight design requires only one employee’s time for set up!

Request a Quote or Learn MoreSeating 2

ConnecTable is available in various sizes, allowing for easy integration onto various lengths and widths of tables. No matter your industry or the size of your space, you can now efficiently accommodate the seating arrangements for large groups.


What are you waiting for? Arrange large groups faster and easier, without compromising additional seating! To find a size that best meets your needs and to request a quote, click here. For more information about ConnecTable, click here to visit our website.

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3 Ways to Prevent Metal Corrosion

Corrosion, the gradual destruction of metal, is a natural process caused by a chemical reaction from the surrounding environment. Oxidation is the most common type of chemical reaction between iron and oxygen, which results in the rusting of metal surfaces. It’s also common for metal to corrode when exposed to moisture, wind and electrical currents.

In virtually all situations, metal corrosion can be managed, slowed or even stopped by using the proper techniques. Here are three ways:

1. Control Environmental ImpactCorrosion 1

Since corrosion is caused by a chemical reaction between metal and gases in the surrounding environment, it’s important to consider the impact the environment can have on your metal.

By removing metal from a hazardous environment, corrosion can be reduced immediately. This can be as simple as limiting contact with rainwater by storing metals indoors or more complex by reducing the sulfur, chloride or oxygen levels in the metal’s surrounding environment.

2. Choose the Right Metal

Corrosion 2No metal is corrosion-proof in all environments, but understanding what metals are more corrosion-resistant than others is important.

For example, aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material. This makes it ideal for applications that will be exposed to various environmental elements. Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance depends on the different types of metals used to create it. The most commonly used types of stainless steel (304 and 316) are both corrosion-resistant. Carbon steel, on the other hand, is iron-based and susceptible to destruction.

3. Use Surface CoatingsCorrosion 3

Coatings, including painting and plating, are used as a protective layer of corrosion-resistant material between metal and the potentially damaging environment.

Uncoated aluminum will oxidize and insulate itself from further corrosion, which makes the metal extremely resilient.  Anodizing is commonly used on aluminum applications where the surface is both visually critical and is in constant contact with environmental elements as it makes materials very resistant to weathering and corrosion. Galvanization, on the other hand, consists of applying a thin layer of zinc to protect steel against corrosion. The zinc oxidizes when it is exposed to air, which creates a protective coating on the metal surface.

To find a corrosion-resistant metal that is the best fit for your application or to learn more about American Douglas Metals products, click here.

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Uses for Copper in Building, Design and Architecture


As one of the first metals ever extracted and used by humans, copper has been a vital part of our civilization’s development and success. Copper’s ability to be easily stretched, molded and shaped is why we still continue to rely on it for a wide variety of applications.

Construction and Design Applications

statue-libertyCopper has always played an integral role in architecture, from Ancient Egyptian temple doors to European Medieval designs. Most notably in American culture, the Statue of Liberty was built using 80 tons of copper sheet. The copper was so easily manipulated, that it was able to be cut and hammered to produce a thickness equivalent to two US pennies placed together. Copper’s ability to withstand the elements is proven by the Statue of Liberty’s almost 130 years of remaining virtually intact.


The durability of copper roofing makes it a long-lasting alternative to other materials. Not only is copper resistant to fire, hail and mildew, it can last up to 50 years or more with regular care and maintenance.

Copper is also a lightweight material, only half the weight of lead, which provides savings when it comes to supporting structures and material costs. These roofs reflect light instead of allowing heat into homes, making this an energy-efficient material.


Copper tubing is ideal for water and gas distribution. Pipes made from this reliable metal can handle extreme conditions of more than 1,000 pounds per square inch of pressure, as well as repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Copper also inhibits contaminants from penetrating pipes and helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

A copper system has the potential to be cheaper than other metals due to the easy handling, forming and joining that cuts back on installation time, materials and overall costs. Copper will also require less maintenance over time than other types of plumbing systems.


The domes and spires of some of the most well-known buildings in the world are adorned with copper accents. Over time, copper develops a green tarnish called patina which is a result of weathering and oxidation. The patina has become a visually-appealing, highly desirable design for architectural hardware and interior designs.

Additional Benefits

Incorporating copper into your building plans has a world of benefits. From cost-effectiveness to durability, the material has been the reliable choice since our ancient relatives began early construction. Here are a few additional benefits of the material that you may not have known.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world use copper in their buildings for its antimicrobial value. Copper prevents bacteria from reproducing, which can limit the spread of disease-causing bacteria in healthcare facilities on items used daily like:

  • Sinks
  • IV stands
  • Bed trays
  • Door hardware
  • And more


Although we aren’t in any danger of running out of copper, it’s comforting to know that the material and its alloys are nearly 100 percent recyclable. The US recycles between 1.8 and 2 million tons of copper each year, most of which is shipped worldwide. The metal can be recycled an infinite amount of times while still retaining most of its value, making it the green choice for building materials.

Copper was an important metal to our ancient relatives and still continues to hold its value as societies advance and demands change. It still remains the material of choice for many domestic, industrial and technological applications to this day.

American Douglas Metals supplies copper in a variety of formats and compositions for use in industrial and commercial manufacturing. For more information about how copper can be used in various applications, or to get a quote on copper, please contact us today.


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4 Transportation Applications of Stainless Steel

With strength, durability and safety characteristics, stainless steel is a top choice of material for most forms of transportation.

Whether you are seeking to fly, float or roll, stainless steel is an optimal choice for the manufacturing of most vessels or vehicles. Stainless steel’s strength and durability help it withstand most elements and provides for a longer lifespan of your transportation components.

Here are four transportation applications for this versatile metal.


2015-02-Blog-PlaneAccording to the FAA stainless steel may be used on many parts of an aircraft. These parts include exhaust collectors, stacks and manifolds, structural and machined parts, springs, castings, tie rods, control cases and more.

Whether you are manufacturing the original aircraft or refurbishing/repairing, it is important that your building materials match or maintain:

  • The necessary strength of the structure
  • The contour or aerodynamic smoothness
  • The appropriate weight of the aircraft to function safely
  • The necessary corrosion resistant properties of metal material used

The properties of stainless steel enable you to easily achieve these crucial attributes when constructing or repairing an aircraft. With proper calculations for the aircraft’s aerodynamic and weight requirements, this metal can fulfill all four points.

Boats & Watercraft

2015-02-Blog-YachtStainless steel has a variety of significant applications for marine vessels, such as ships, boats, yachts and more. As watercraft encounter harsh conditions of water and wind at high speeds, durability is a substantial concern.

Stainless steel is chosen to make watercraft propellers, particularly for saltwater vessels, due to its corrosion-resistance and the ease with which it can be cleaned. These qualities of stainless steel increase the propeller’s durability. It is also used to make an assortment of anchors and ladders, as well as accessories and hardware for boats and yachts of all sizes.

Trains & Railway Cars

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStainless steel is also a commonly used metal material in the railway industry, both for exterior build and internal details. For example, stainless steel can be used for the steel coils joining rail cars together and for the handrails and tray tables inside passenger trains.

This metal is the ideal choice for both passenger railcars and equipment transport as it has:

  • High energy-absorption for increased safety
  • Corrosion resistant properties
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Longer service lives


2015-02-Blog-CarStainless steel also plays a large role in the manufacturing of automobiles. For example, steel pipe or tube is used for the exhaust of cars and trucks. Additionally, blanking of flat-rolled steel to the specifications of your door or hood can be executed prior to stamping your stainless steel to save you money in transporting excess metal.

Likewise, motorcycle manufacturing often uses stainless steel to protect the body of the bike from the harsh elements and subsequent corrosion from dirt, wind and rain. This material is also easy to clean, enabling riders to maintain their vehicle for longer, especially important for extreme performance vehicles such as dirt bikes.

Find the Stainless Steel You Need

American Douglas Metals provides stainless steel in coils, sheets, blanks, piping and tubing to help you complete all of your transportation project needs. Our fabrication, manufacturing and distribution services help you save the time and money of working with multiple vendors and ensure your final product is the greatest quality metal working.

Learn more about American Douglas Metals’ flat-rolled stainless steel and carbon steel products today.

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3 Key Benefits of Using Aluminum Extrusions

Project managers face countless decisions in the process of building construction. One of the most important decisions to ensuring a structure’s quality and strength is the choice of metals used. If you are choosing between aluminum, steel or a specialty metal building materials you should consider these three key benefits to utilizing aluminum extrusions.

IMG_94401. Versatile Customization of Design

The biggest benefit of aluminum extrusions is versatility. No matter the project size or specification, there is an extrusion that can meet your job’s need.

Custom aluminum extrusions are an integral element in the manufacturing of machinery, products and structural frames. Through a process where a cross section is designed and then pushed through a die, aluminum extrusion profiles can be fabricated using specific tolerances, sizes and shapes defined by your project needs.

2. Favorable Strength to Weight Ratio

Aluminum is often a preferred building material because of the balance of these two main attributes:

  • Its strength is comparable to that of steel
  • Its weight is 1/3 than that of steel

When using aluminum extrusion, the metal’s high quality of strength remains intact, but its weight is minimized even further due to the extrusion process. You no longer have to compromise the quality of the metal you use to comply with your project’s weight specifications. With aluminum extrusions you can deliver a better finished product without the excess weight of steel on your foundation.

3. Excellent Conductor for Heating and Cooling

Sensitivity to temperature needs to be considered when choosing the metal you use. Depending on your project type, it may be essential that your materials are good conductors of heat or cold. For optimal heating and cooling ability, copper is a top choice. However, it is incredibly expensive. Many projects lack the budget for copper and need a less costly alternative that can still perform, which is where aluminum extrusions come in.

The properties of extruded aluminum enable it to conduct both hot and cold temperatures. This makes it an ideal, cost-saving solution for use in:

  • Radiators
  • Air conditioning units
  • Walk-in refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • And more

The metals you choose have lasting impact on the strength, longevity and quality of your finished construction project. Aluminum extrusions have been fabricated, processed and delivered by American Douglas Metals since 1976. We can produce custom aluminum extrusions to meet precise specifications, including cut-to-length and wide rectangular or wide round extrusions. Additionally, we offer a variety of fabrication, processing and finishing for metals such as aluminum, steel and brass at all of our locations.

Click here to learn more about American Douglas Metals’ custom aluminum extrusion solutions and get a FREE quote on your next project.


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ADM Moves to State-of-the-art Facility in Buffalo

American Douglas Metals (ADM) is moving their New York location from Kenmore to an expansive, state-of-the-art facility in Buffalo this July.

The new facility represents another big move in ADM’s continued growth in 2013, serving to benefit customers, clients, employees and the company as a whole. The new 80,000 square-foot facility will provide a total upgrade in space and workflow over the current 25,000 square-foot facility in Kenmore, NY.

The move comes at a time when client demand is higher than ever and more space is needed for better operations. Fabrication and space requirements have outgrown the old facility, and the new facility presents a greater ability to improve operational efficiency by helping manufacturing flow and material handling.

Additional fabrication and manufacturing space was previously being rented to handle growing demand, resulting in high movement of materials and the corresponding delays in turnaround. With a larger facility, business growth and deliverable times will be improved in an efficient, sustainable manner.

Customers and clients will benefit the most from the facility. With an increased capacity and more space to work with, service offerings will be expanded for customers. Ranging from CNC machining to unique and custom challenges such as filling aluminum extrusions with high density structural foam, customers will get more value from ADM.

With consolidation of services and machinery into the new factory, quality control will be handled in one location and more importantly, lead times will be shortened. Quicker inventory turns will be provided and as a result of consolidation, customers will be offered improved value and support to better serve their needs.

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ADM Featured in Buffalo Business Publications

With a growing customer base and a planned move of our New York operations, ADM is being spotlighted in a few different Buffalo business publications this month.

Both The Buffalo News and Buffalo Business First are featuring stories on our upcoming move from our 33,000 square-foot Tonawanda facility to a brand new location in Buffalo. The articles each highlight the planned shift of aluminum and steel processing operations, as well as its potential for job opportunities in the Buffalo area.

The new 87,000 square-foot location will be a major upgrade for our aluminum and steel operations, allowing us to plan to create 11 new jobs within the next two years. This growth and expansion to a new facility will allow us to continue serving our growing customer base with the best in the aluminum and steel industry, along with advanced customer support for orders throughout the United States and outside of the country.

Learn more about our move and expansion here and here.

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3 Things to Think About When Purchasing Aluminum Extrusions

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

The aluminum extrusion market is large and diversified, as the need for these extrusion profiles spans across hundreds of industries and sectors.The search process for a supplier can be taxing, especially with those who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of aluminum extrusions. Regardless of your business situation and knowledge of the extrusion industry, there are three characteristics which you should look for to find the right extrusion supplier.


The shipping process of aluminum extrusions can be costly, especially with large orders and no manufacturing site close to your business. This makes finding a manufacturing center within reasonable distance of your company very important. Investing money in extrusions can be expensive and the last thing you want to do is add unnecessary shipping costs to the bottom line.

With a close manufacturer, you can not only cut unwanted costs, but also get better service options throughout the process. ADM is home to three main locations and representatives in 11 different cities, giving customers in multiple regions better service, decreased total costs and quicker turnaround.


For most aluminum and steel products, buying in bulk is usually not a cheap undertaking. Finding affordability in the product is important to look for, especially when you’re making a long-term investment in aluminum extrusion profiles.

Finding something affordable is not just about looking for the lowest price, it’s about doing your research and not overpaying for the level of quality you’re receiving. There are plenty of aluminum extrusion manufacturers who adapt their process to provide a quality product at a good price. ADM uses our CNC machining center, which allows for drilling, countersinking, milling, tapping and deburring in one step.  Not only does this process cut costs, but it decreases the likelihood of production delays.


Getting quality products is the bottom line no matter what you’re buying, including aluminum extrusions. Look for proof in the work and find a manufacturer that has a track record of providing reliable extrusions for a variety of industries and shapes.

You’ll want to make sure the supplier you choose offers customizable options. Having a state-of-the-art machining center allows ADM to not only make affordable products, but also provide aluminum extrusion options fit for the needs of numerous industries.

ADM has strong industry experience and longevity in developing custom aluminum extrusions, as well as other aluminum and steel products. Contact us to get more information on our custom products today.


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Transformer Manufacturers Look to Reputable Component Providers as Solution for Increased Efficiency in Time-Sensitive Projects

American Douglas Metals is supplying Strip Aluminum as a component of distribution transformers to manufacturers who value quick and reliable delivery.

American Douglas Metals Assists Transformer Constructors who Value Reliability and Delivery Speed in Electricity Transfer Accessory Production

Orlando, FL – American Douglas Metals (ADM), a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications, is supplying Strip Aluminum as a component of distribution transformers used to serve electricity across cities, states and countries.

As distribution transformers deliver the final electric power conversion to homes, businesses and industrial properties, the manufacturers of these necessary products realize the factors of success in the industry—quick and reliable delivery of their transformer’s key components.

To better serve its customers, ADM stocks 1350 EC Strip Aluminum for faster delivery to their clients, in comparison to what could take up to six weeks of delivery from a company ordering from a producing mill or a mill directly.

Recently taking advantage of ADM’s commitment to this industry, Moloney Electric was awarded a five-year contract with Hydro One through their timely distribution of transformers, enabling Moloney Electric’s transformers to service the entire province of Ontario, Canada.

While the need for quickly completed projects rise to fill demands of various countries’ infrastructure growth, powerful and efficient distribution transformers are vital to companies’ profitability—reinforcing the requirements of timely order fulfillment.

“The 1350 EC Strip Aluminum is an integral part of every distribution transformer, acting as a crucial transformer winding to reduce voltage usage, increase production and save the company money and energy,” says Jeff Raimonde, Vice President of Marketing for American Douglas Metals. “We supply this key component in a timely fashion so our customers can avoid production delays based on unnecessary wait times associated with order fulfillment.”

With ADM’s commitment of the production and stocking of Strip Aluminum, its industry partners can expect high quality service and express shipping with the benefits and advantages of working with a trusted metals supplier. ADM is proud to provide specialized information about their products through dedication and expertise in the field of metal manufacturing.

About American Douglas Metals

American Douglas Metals (ADM) is a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications with three locations throughout the United States — Orlando, FL, Buffalo, NY, and Atlanta, GA. As a premier manufacturer and processor of aluminum and steel, ADM offers more than 300 years of combined experience in the metals industry, playing a vital role in the processing and supply of metal products for top industries in the U.S.

To learn more about American Douglas Metals visit

For More Information:

Vice President of Marketing
American Douglas Metals
Phone: 407.857.3290

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Forerunner in Metal Processing Launches New Site for Eager Consumers

American Douslas Metals new microsite offers instant reference for customers that are seeking to make a decision based on benefits and advantages of working with an aluminum extrusions supplier.

ADM’s microsite features detailed information on the specific benefits of using its aluminum extrusion services, offering solutions that connect with the target market.

In Response to Increasing Demands for Aluminum Extrusions, American Douglas Metals Introduces a New, Targeted Microsite

Orlando, Fla. – American Douglas Metals (ADM), a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications, is investing in a new microsite to display the wide range of features provided by their recently updated aluminum extrusions division.

As the industrial and manufacturing industries continue to grow, the need for durable and customized aluminum products is escalating rapidly, further becoming an integral component in the specifications for architecture, development and construction projects.

To monetize demand, ADM has created a system to capture interest at the precise moment when it is manifested and launched the specialized, user-friendly microsite to feature content exclusive to their aluminum extrusion products.

With the recent addition of a miter saw and drill press to ADM’s Orlando facility to miter cut, drill, mill and tap extrusions, timing is optimal to launch the new microsite, providing specialized information about ADM’s dedication and expertise in this area.

ADM’s microsite features detailed information on the specific benefits of using its aluminum extrusion services, offering solutions that connect with the target market.

“Custom aluminum extrusion sales are an integral division of American Douglas Metals and we are eager to launch a site geared specifically for these products,” says Jeff Raimonde, Vice President of Marketing for American Douglas Metals. “They are user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing faster and more targeted information for our consumers who procure aluminum extrusion profiles and fabrication.”

The new microsite offers instant reference for customers that are seeking to make a decision based on benefits and advantages of working with an aluminum extrusions supplier.

Raimonde adds: “Our reputation in taking care of customers begins at the first point of contact, thus ensuring that they are supported every step of the way in the purchase process.”


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