3 Common Seating Dilemmas and One Great Solution

Holidays like New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day and Easter bring in big crowds and even bigger parties, but many restaurants owners are seeing a decrease in ROI because of their seating dilemmas. The key question becomes, “How are we going to seat them all?” and it leads to a host of other problems.

Here are the three most common seating issues:

Slow Setup and Long Wait Time

A dozen or more guests arrive, and suddenly your staff rearranging three to four tables in adm-connectable-gen-imagean attempt to get the perfect configuration. Small groups can’t be accommodated because free tables have to be saved to seat the large party. This leads to an increased wait time for all parties.

Decreased Employee Satisfaction

Large groups can be problematic for your staff. A table could have been turned over three to four times in a night is instead occupied for the whole night, resulting in lost tips.

Lost Profitability

Your restaurant might already be busy, making it cumbersome to accommodate large groups. You may not have three tables to spare for a party of eight when it makes more sense to seat three parties of four. Seating large parties can increase overall wait times, frustrating customers waiting and deterring new customers from walking in.

However, there is a simple solution for all of these problems…


ConnecTable is a cost-effective and easy solution to your large party dining dilemmas.

As a customizable, lightweight table extender, ConnecTable increases restaurant seating capacity and profitability in two ways.

  1. Increasing dining space between two existing tables:
    • 66%-75% increase in headcount per table
    • 180% ROI after first use when two four-top tables can seat 14 guests
    • 120% ROI after first use when a four-top and two-top can seat 10 guests
  1. Elongating a single-top table to accommodate more guests:
    • 33% increase in headcount per tables
    • 50% ROI after first use when a six-top can seat eight guests
    • 100% ROI after second use

Seating 1

This busy season, be proactive and have equipment on hand that will increase your profitability and customer satisfaction. Learn more about ConnecTable, and how it can solve your large party dilemmas online.


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