ConnecTable: Now Available for Purchase on Our Website

We are happy to announce that one of our newest products, ConnecTable, is now available for purchase on our website. ConnecTable, which launched earlier this year, is a sturdy but lightweight table extender that increases capacity by two to six additional seats when added on an existing table. Its rust-proof aluminum design is also thin, stackable and long-lasting, serving as a space-saving solution for restaurants, resorts, events and dining facilities.

ConnecTable has already proven effective in a recent case study for a globally recognized restaurant that needed a solution for seating large groups. By adding ConnecTable as a table extender between two separate four-top tables, it accommodated six more seats, resulting in a 66-75 percent increase in headcount, and 180 percent ROI after first use.

“We combined out-of-the box thinking and resources we already had to offer a simple solution for commercial seating as a much more efficient and cheaper alternative than buying additional tables,” said Vice President of ADM, Jeff Raimonde. “And now it’s even easier for businesses to purchase by offering the product through our e-commerce platform.”

ConnecTable is easy for one employee to assemble, weighing anywhere from less than seven to 23 lbs. They come in a variety of predeveloped sizes as listed below, with options for custom ordering, providing seamless integration for businesses:

  •     42” W x 48” L
  •     42” W x 36” L
  •     42” W x 24” L
  •     36” W x 52” L
  •     36” W x 48” L
  •     36” W x 36” L
  •     36” W x 24” L
  •     30” W x 52” L
  •     30” W x 48” L
  •     30” W x 36” L
  •     30” W x 24” L

For more information about ConnecTable or to place an order, click here.

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